Violet Amouak
Graphic Designer

Violet Amouak, a freshman at Free State High School, works graphic design at Hang12. Their interests include Hieronymous Bosch, lo-fi music, politics, and abstracted art. They work mostly in acrylics, oils, and pen, but there are certainly exceptions.

Ethan Anderson
Display materials

Ethan Anderson works on display here at HANG12. He is a junior at Free State High School and is 16 years old. Ethan works in oils, acrylic, and ink. He enjoys creating large fantasy paintings to showcase his imagination. He also participates in theater, art club, and Boy Scouts.

Kira Auchenbach

Kira Auchenbach is a senior at Lawrence High school. She is the yearbook editor in chief and Hang 12 developer. Kira has computer skills with adobe and google programs. She is a photographer but is interested in 3D art, mostly clay. She enjoys being with her friends and dogs, reading, cooking and being outside. Kira has no idea what she’s going to do after high school but hopes to figure that out before graduation.

Blue Brooks-O'leary
Show Coordinator

Blue Brooks-O’Leary is a junior at Free State High School. Blue keeps her art very small and generally works with paint, glitter, and 3D materials on a surface that is never larger than a piece of printer paper. She hopes to someday create something bigger, but that is a work in progress. She loves mythology, history, and cheesy YA Novels. Blue is the Show Coordinator for HANG12 and really loves her job.

Bailey Dixon
Content Writer

Bailey Dixon has been making art for as long as she can remember, working mainly with drawing, painting, and occasionally photography. Her role and HANG12 is content writer. She writes artist statements, press releases, and content for submissions and show cards.

Allie Fischer
Show Coordinator

Allie Fischer is the show coordinator for HANG12.  She is extremely versed in communications, liaising, and troubleshooting.  Her own work in photography is very nuanced and complex and she hopes to pursue a future in Darkroom Photography.  She is currently a Junior at Lawrence High School.

Max Limesand
Display Materials

Max Limesand has been Display Materials for HANG12 since September of 2015 after submitting a piece (“Howard”) for the September show Masonite.  He enjoys writing and recording music, his own as well as for the band Obi, which he has been a member of for the last seven years.  He will be a senior at Free State High School next year and is regarded by all as a cool guy.

Margo Lockwood

Margo Lockwood works in film photography, or she explores experimental processes and pushes the medium to the limit. She also works with some digital media. She likes science and hopes to major in physics, but also has interest in math and chemistry. She is the treasurer for hang 12 and is 17 years old.

Henry McKinnon
Display Materials

Henry Mackinnon is 17 years old and goes to Freestate high school. He sculpts and works in metalsmithing.  His work is thorough, meticulous, and well crafted. He is the display materials and tech person for Hang 12. He also plays locally in the band Obi.

Wil Myslivy
Display Materials

Wil Myslivy is a freshman at Free State High School. Wil works mostly with 2D work, but occasionally works with clay and sewing. They’ve been doing art for as long as long as they can remember. Wil also enjoys reading, music, and working for social justice, with a specific focus on queer and trans rights. Wil has loved reading books and making art for most of their life, and hopes to work with writing and illustration more in the future.

Seth Peters
Graphic Design

Seth Malachi Peters is a graphic designer for HANG12. He goes to Bishop Seabury Academy, and is a practicing artist who works in pen and ink as well as assemblage.

Asha Reder
Content Writer

Asha writes all material for HANG12 including artist statements, web and social media copy, and press releases.  She paints and illustrates and is interested in the social disconnect between appearance and reality.  She graduated from Lawrence High School in 2016.

Emma Reynolds
Public Relations and Marketing

Emma Reynolds has a mixed media and photography focus. She runs social media for hang 12. She is currently finishing her diploma through the virtual school and will graduate by age 17.

Genevieve Roberts

Genevieve Roberts is a junior at Free State High School, and does marketing for HANG12. Her works are mainly digital illustrations and concept art, using Photoshop CS6. Her illustrations commonly feature mythological and/or fantastical characters and creatures. She also enjoys playing flute (and sometimes violin), wrapping gifts, and whistling. Genevieve aspires to become a professional concept artist and illustrator in the game/film industry.

Olivia Rothrock
Content Writer

Olivia Rothrock is a junior at Lawrence High School. She is HANG12’s content writer. Olivia enjoys mixed media journaling, especially paper collages, as well as drawing and painting. She is very interested in art history and history in general. Olivia hopes to combine her interests in art, history, and the sciences in her career after high school.

Nia Rutledge
Graphic Designer

Nia Rutledge designs many of the showcards you see on this site.  She has a great attention to detail and this shows in her consistency of design aesthetic within Graphic Design.  Nia is also a painter and uses her work to explore the concept of self-identity and the spiritual richness within.  She won the 2016 Vanguard Award at the Lawrence Public School’s citywide show.  She is going to Cornish College of the Arts to pursue Graphic Design and Painting.

Liam Sheeley

Liam Sheeley is a sophomore at Lawrence High School, and handles submissions for HANG12.  Liam works mostly in photography, but he also enjoys charcoal sketching and graphic design. Liam likes to take photos that use simple objects to express new ideas. He also enjoys theatre, singing, and anything Sci-fi. He hopes one day to have a career in the arts.

Sam Spencer
Show Coordinator

Sam Spencer is an aspiring filmmaker, photographer, and journalist.  She is editor of the Free State Tribune and is a vigilant advocate for artistic merit.  She has been involved with HANG12 since October 2015 and is now Show Curator.  She will be a senior at Free State High School next year.

Jai Strecker
Public Relations and Marketing

Jai Strecker is 17 years old and runs social media and marketing for HANG12. He works in drawing and embroidery, as well as plays a mean banjo. :^)

Ray Teenor
Graphic Designer

Ray Teenor is a Sophomore at Free State High School and is a part of Thespian Club and FSHS Tech Team. She often participates in tech for shows at FSHS, the Arts Center and Theatre Lawrence. Once she graduates she hopes to attend NYU and work in Technical Theatre as a costumer or lighting designer.

Dorian Vance

Dorian Vance hunts down submissions for HANG12. The mediums he works in are painting and illustration, and he enjoys making detailed and intricate art pieces. He is 16 and goes to Free State High School.

Evondi Weston

Evondi Weston is a Lawrence High Junior with interests in painting and photography.  She is the treasurer for HANG12 and enjoys the fast paced nature of the arts industry.

Gabrielle Wheeler
Graphic Designer

Gabrielle Wheeler runs graphic design for the group. Her focused mediums are digital photography and graphic arts. She is “sweet 17” and goes to Freestate high school. She is passionate about environmental science and youth education, and hopes to make a positive impact on the local art scene.