Violet Amouak
Graphic Designer

Violet Amouak (they/them) is a sophomore at Free State High School, and works in graphic design at Hang12. They are currently a practicing artist exploring painting, assemblage, photography, digital manipulation, and fashion design. They aspire to eventually influence legislature using a background in the creative industry as a vehicle by which to connect with and advocate for people of all walks of life.


Ethan Anderson
Display Materials

Ethan Anderson (he/him) is a senior at Free State High School and works in display at Hang12. Creatively, he always keeps in mind what would have excited himself as a child. He wants his art to amaze, gross-out, or intrigue a ten-year-old but at the same time evoke the same response from an adult. His goal is to take people back to the enthusiasm and absence of restraint that they had as children.  


Jillian Decker

Jillian Decker (they/them) is a Junior at Lawrence High School and does submissions for Hang12. They enjoy cats, coffee, sunshine, plants, and hanging out with friends. They hope to go to college for dentistry. 🙂

Liam Hoey-Kummerow

Liam Hoey-Kummerow (he/him) is a senior at Free State High School and is a webmaster for HANG12. He is fascinated by patterns and illustrative ways to depict reality. He is inspired by movies and stories he surrounds himself with. He enjoys comics, skateboarding, and his wonderful friends. He wants to use his art to help tell stories like the ones that inspired him.

Mary Jo McPherson
Show Coordinator

Mary Jo McPherson (she/her) is a junior at Free State High School and is a show coordinator for HANG12. She works mainly with acrylics, pens, thread, and cutouts. She is working towards perfecting her work with embroidery and would like to start using oil paints in her art making. Her works are mainly inspired by her own personal experiences with travel and mental self-discovery. After working with the organization, buildOn, she has formed a passion for helping empower communities in need through education. She dreams of going to Lewis and Clark in Portland, Oregon and sees a future in social sciences.

Wil Myslivy
Display Materials

Wil Myslivy (he/him) is a mixed media artist based in Lawrence, Kansas. He’s a sophomore at Free State High School. His art incorporates themes of spirituality and emotions. He is often inspired by empathy, ancestral spirits, and the people in his life.


Jordan Nations
Content Writer

Jordan Nations (she/her) is a senior at Free State High School and is a content writer for Hang12. Her works are mostly acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces that focus on her own self-evaluation and experiences with mental health. In her downtime, Jordan enjoys eating mac and cheese, binge watching netflix, and listening to music in the car. Jordan plans to have a career as an artist as well as in art education.


Oliver Pepin
Graphic Design

Oliver Pepin (he/him) is a senior at Free State High School that explores the realms of photography and digital manipulation. His art aims to invoke deep emotions like euphoria, fear, and curiosity. Their inspirations include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and bands Animal Collective and Glue Trip. They hope to see themselves at KCAI or KU studying photography, graphic design, and psychology.


Genevieve Roberts

Genevieve Roberts (she/her) is a senior at Free State High School, and does marketing for HANG12. Her works are mainly digital illustrations/concept art, and graphic design. She also enjoys playing flute (and sometimes violin), giving gifts, and whistling. Genevieve wants to receive her bachelor’s degree in visual communications.


Wesley Schmoe
Social Media

Wesley Schmoe (he/him) is a junior at Lawrence High School and updates HANG12’s social media accounts. He is a mixed media artist who works mainly in pens, acrylic, beads, and any little bits and pieces he can get his hands on. Most work being experimental in nature he would like to move more towards a career in fashion and how to push clothing and textiles to new limits while still keeping in touch with his illustrational work. Most of his work is centered around his own experiences, disconnect, and the overall calamity of the world and how it affects people mentally and physically. Wesley is hoping to further his study in the arts at KCAI with a focus in textiles and printwork.

Liam Sheeley

Liam Sheeley (he/him) is a junior at Lawrence High School, and is the webmaster for HANG12.  Liam works mostly in film photography and watercolor. Liam likes to take photos that blur the lines between imagination and reality. He also enjoys theatre, vocal performance, and anything coffee flavored. He hopes to attend Oakland University and to one day to have a career in vocal performance.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith (They/Them) is a junior at Free State High School and they work in submissions for Hang12. Their favorite pastimes include creating collages with an emphasis in color theory and gender dynamics, hanging out with local band and friends LK Ultra!, reading Tarot, and shopping at Wonder Fair. They intend to be an art curator as an adult, and want to major in Art History and Anthropology. Their dream colleges are SAIC, University of Chicago, and KCAI.


Ella Smith

Ella Smith (she/her) is a junior at Free State High School and works as a marketer for Hang12. Artistically, she dabbles in photography, poetry, digital art, and music production. Her other interests include autumn walks, Java Break study sessions, and her cat, Wachi (especially the last one!). In the future, she hopes to study cognitive psychology at Duke and go on to join the Peace Corps.


Ray Teenor
Show Coordinator

Ray Teenor (she/her) is a Junior at Lawrence Free State High School. She does not do art often herself but has an eye for creativity and a love for people and communication that aids her in her work at HANG12. Ray loves all things glittery, driving around town with her friends, watching the Trixie and Katya show and fashion based reality tv, and spending time with her many animals. She wants to enter the National Guard after High School to help pay for college and to pursue a future career in (hopefully!) Forensic Science, Cosmetic Dermatology or Biomed.

Juliana Wilches-Mercham
Content Writer

Juliana Wilches-Merchan (she/her) is a senior at Free State High School and works as a content writer for Hang12. She’s a Colombian-born artist and has lived in Lawrence for 5 years. She mostly works with portraits and figure drawing with mediums, mainly pencil. Her art is about details, how light bends our bodies and lines shape our faces. Juliana wants to double major in visual arts and international affairs, as well as trying to learn as many languages as possible during college.