WHEN: Friday, July 28, 2017 | 5-9PM

WHERE: Yantra, 840 Mass St.

HANG12 teamed up with local artist Kathleen Anderson to display summer moments captured in time.  Each composition is intended to provide a slice of summer in a vibrant fashion.  Beyond this, HANG12 worked to install a window display that mirrors the vitality of Kathleen’s pieces.  Here is what Kathleen has to say about her art:

I have loved art since I was a child and owned my first box of bright-colored crayons.  The anticipation of turning the world around me into beautiful scenes filled with “happy” colors made every day a new adventure.  In later years, as I studied first oil painting, then watercolor, it was the watercolor paintings that brought forth the viewer responses of “what happy colors.”  I’ve simplified my palette over the years, using mostly the primary colors of red, yellow and blue.  From them I can mix almost any color I need, and find the end result to be much more harmonious than using many different tube colors.

The Impressionists are my favorite artists, and I am particularly entranced, as they were, by the effects of light and shadow in the scenes before me.  My subject matter has ranged from seascapes to city scenes to flowers and animals.  More recently as I’ve spent more time exploring the medium of oil, I find I am drawn to plein air landscape painting and the experience of being surrounded by nature in the great outdoors.  Some recent travels to Italy afforded many opportunities for such paintings both in oil and watercolor.  In both mediums, I tend to paint directly all at one time, rather than build up layers of paint.  I always photograph a scene, and try to paint a small study, and many of these end up being references for larger studio paintings.