Intricate Ubiquity by Margot Lockwood

WHEN: Friday, July 29, 2016 | 5-9PM

WHERE: Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire St.

Intricate Ubiquity is a new show by Margot Lockwood.  Some work was collaborated on by Finn Dobbs.

Photography brings a visual reality to that which is often ignored or never realized. Patterns repeat on a microscopic level across different substances as well as on a large scale in landscapes and chemigrams. Art in general, though photography especially, is very technical; the medium, light, chemicals, camera settings and temperature all are of importance. Having a scientific perspective and aesthetic curiosity fuse through creativity, problem solving, simplicity, patterns, beauty and universal value. Together, science and art emphasize the connectivity and add wonder in everyday life



Chemigrams: Various resists (spray oil, maple syrup, etc) are placed onto light-sensitive photographic paper in a fully lit room. The paper is then moved into the developer and fixer chemicals as desired, knowing that as the chemicals remove the resists that the areas on the paper will either be dark in the developer or light in the fixer.

Photomicrographs: Images were taken using a microscope camera attachment of collected samples then prepared onto slides.


Journal: Helps illustrate my artistic process as I carried it to keep my ideas and as a reference of past explorations. The journal was from Winter-Summer 2016.