WHEN: Friday, July 31, 2015 | 5-9PM

WHERE: Phoenix Gallery, 825 Massachusetts St

Masonite is a hardboard surface composed of wood shavings that have been pressed together in a factory and distributed for many different daily uses. We chose to use this material as the base foundation of each piece in hopes of giving the show a consistent underlying appearance, regardless of the content of each individual piece. Masonite is a durable surface that is appropriate to be used for many different artistic mediums, which makes it easier for many people to get involved in the process of art making for this month’s show. Plus, it’s cheap. We hoped that in picking masonite to be our medium, we would have a ready-cut, easily distributable canvas for the artist that we reached out to in the making of this show. This allowed the artist to put their own individual perspective on this piece and completely personalize the board. Because it’s such an authentic work coming straight from the artist, they have made the decision to put the pieces up for purchase. This will only push the artist to keep creating new work.

Deep Down



18 x 24, Masonite, Mixed Media

$100 SOLD


11x17, paint on masonite

$300 SOLD

Truth and Beauty

20x 24, mixed media on masonite


Tick Tock

11x17, stuff on masonite


New Pop

11x17, Things on Masonite


If and Only If

11x17, stuff on masonite