The Hang12 Artbox

WHEN: Friday, June 26, 2020 |

WHERE: 901 Pennsylvania Street

Hello people of Lawrence! The Hang12 group has created a project that will help folks stay connected in these tricky times of covid-19. Our team has created the ArtBox in hopes to connect the folks of Lawrence with their art. The ArtBox is very similar to the local libraries seen all over town, however it will contain art instead of books. The system of taking a piece leaving a piece is open to anyone of any age. The ArtBox will be officially opening this June Final Friday, June 26th, 2020. The ArtBox will be housed at 901 Pennsylvania Street. Since public gatherings are not suggested at this time, Hang12 has created another way for people to stay connected for this project opening! The group is taking to social media to model what a public gathering would have been. The hashtag #h12artbox will be used to keep everyone connected throughout the opening process. Anyone is welcome to look up the hashtag on their social media to see what others are doing to contribute to this project. Folks are welcome to share photos of their art, art supplies, and art creating areas(whether that be outside or inside!). The hashtag can also be used to share photos of folks placing their art in the box and taking art in return. Hang12 understands that not everyone currently has access to art supplies, so we have created a system in hopes of getting more supplies out to people. We have created art supply baggies for folks to pick up at Art Emergency, 721 9th Street. These baggies will be available on Friday June 26th through Monday June 29th from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We ask that everyone take one bag per person, so supplies are available for everyone who needs them. These supplies will be available underneath the Art Emergency sign, which is pictured. Hang12 hopes to see the Lawrence Arts Community get involved and stay connected with this project!