Traditions Reconstructed

WHEN: Friday, October 25, 2019 | 5-9PM

WHERE: Edward Jones, 888 New Hampshire st.

Join Hang12 for Traditions Reconstructed, a mixed media show featuring artwork from high school students in collaboration with renowned assemblage artist Kris Kuksi. Student work was inspired by themes of personal mythology in Kuksi’s pieces. Opening night is October 25th from 5-9 PM at Edward Jones (888 New Hampshire), but the show will be running through December, so stop by any time! 


Ashlyn Merrill
Plaster, masonite


Defiance & Pride

Beatrice Von Holten
Oil, acrylic, paper, glue


My Nightmares Started Because of the Abuse of an Ex Boyfriend

Hope Gaines
walnut ink, rubbing alcohol

Isolated Among Commonality and Exploring the Boundaries of Identity

Marley Sears
hair, photography, word clipping


Our Biggest Ties to the World Before they Snap

Audrey Basham
photo, sewing


The Vulgar and Graceless Suspended In-between Dimensions

Chloe Lemmons
photo, alcohol, sewing, acrylic


Sophia Kaufman
wood, feather, photo, dirt


Efficy of Marzanna

Wil Myslivy
Oil on wood



Corinne Mikulik
Wax, Paper, Yarn