Milo Bitters
Display and Installation

Milo Bitters (he/him) is a junior at LHS and does display and installation for Hang12. His time elsewhere is spent shooting analog photography, having looney dreams, and being a Drum Major for the LHS Marching Band. He hopes to study landscape architecture or industrial design at a foreign college in the future.

Tessa Collar
Show Coordinator

Tessa Collar (she/her) is a junior at Lawrence High School and is a show coordinator for Hang12. She enjoys photography and playing piano and works as the co-editor in chief of her school’s online newspaper. In her free time, she likes second-hand shopping, hiking and listening to music. Tessa hopes to pursue a career in … Continued

Akosua Danso

Akosua Danso (she/her) is a senior at Free State High School, and is part of Foundations in Hang12. Her interests include painting both physically and digitally, reading, and daydreaming. She creates by use of paints, sketches or an iPad and stylus. After finishing her high school career Akosua is aiming for an education in both … Continued

Olive Harrington

Olive Harrington (she/her) is a junior at Lawrence High School and is a Webmaster for Hang12. Her interests include photography, filmmaking, art history, and anything that involves creatively expressing herself. Olive spends the majority of her time reading, listening to music, learning french, rearranging her room, and contemplating her artistic endeavors. In the future she … Continued

Annabelle Hurst
Display and Installation

Annabelle Hurst (she/her) is a junior at Freestate High School, and works in display and installation for Hang12. In her spare time Annabelle enjoys all kinds of art-making- mainly animation and painting. After high school Annabelle isn’t sure what career she will go into, but plans to incorporate the arts into whatever she does.

Aidan Kelley
Graphic Design

Aidan Kelley (he/him) is a freshman at Johnson County Community College and works as a graphic designer for Hang12. Aidan uses digital art to create designs in both 2D and 3D. He also specializes in music and sound design, and loves to create new artworks that are both audibly and visually appealing.

Opal Morris
Show Coordinator

Opal Morris (she/her) is a freshman at Lawrence high school and is a show coordinator for Hang 12. Opal enjoys playing instruments, traveling and exploring new forms of art. In her free time you can find her adding various things to her sketchbooks, hanging out with friends and family and second hand shopping. Opal aspires … Continued

Graci Nobo
Social Media

Graci Nobo (she/her) is a senior at Lawrence High School and is the social media coordinator for Hang 12! She enjoys watercolor, guitar and photography, alongside cheering and playing softball for Lawrence High. Graci enjoys being a leader and expressing herself through her art by using vibrate colors and designs.

Jeremy Nuckolls
Content Writer

Jeremy Nuckolls (he/him) is a sophomore at Free State High School and works as our content writer. He likes to experiment with many different mediums, focusing mainly on painting. He is also a singer and musician. Jeremy plans on going into a profession involving music, and he would like to continue being creative in all … Continued