Akosua Danso

Akosua Danso (she/her) is a sophomore at Free State High School and is a webmaster for Hang12. Her interests are in art that consists of acrylics, oil paints, gouache, and watercolors to art consisting of smooth free-flowing colors. Akosua’s works represent her current inspirations, ideas, or interests. In her downtime, Akosua’s activities consist of listening … Continued

Jillian Decker
Art Coordinator

Jillian Decker (they/them) is a senior at Lawrence High School and does submissions for Hang12. They enjoy cats, coffee, sunshine, plants, and hanging out with friends. They hope to go to college for dentistry. 🙂

Zoë Hamilton

Zoe Hamilton (she/her) is a senior at free state high school and works on foundations and marketing for hang12. Her main interest is photography and she really enjoys the film developing process. In her free time she loves to hang out with friends, watch movies, and create mixed media collages. In the future, she hopes … Continued

Cole Huang
Graphic Design

Cole Huang (he/him) is a junior at Free State Highschool and works as our head graphic designer. Cole’s work is mostly digital however he loves to doodle all over his school work. Cole loves to listen to music and hang out with his friends, he’s interested in doing something creative, however, in all honesty, he … Continued

Hank Hurst
Display Coordinator

Hank Hurst (he/him) is a senior at Free State High School and works in display at Hang 12. He is a mixed media artist whose work focuses on industrial-inspired sculpture as well as oil painting and video. He plans on going to the Vermont School of Woodworking after high school to learn the ins and … Continued

Nina Jaramillo
Art Coordinator

Nina Jaramillo (she/her) is a Junior at Free State High School and works as an Art Coordinator for Hang12. She focuses mostly with traditional art, including sketches and watercolors. She is very involved in music and is in multiple bands, in and out of highschool. Nina is currently interested in modern politics and how to … Continued

Mary Jo McPherson
Show Coordinator

Mary Jo McPherson (she/her) is a Senior at Free State High School and is a show coordinator for HANG12. She works mainly with acrylics, pens, thread, and cutouts. She is working towards perfecting her work with embroidery and would like to start using oil paints in her art making. Her works are mainly inspired by … Continued

Wil Myslivy
Display Coordinator

Wil Myslivy (he/him) is a mixed media artist based in Lawrence, Kansas. He’s a junior at Free State High School. His art incorporates themes of spirituality and emotions. He is often inspired by empathy, ancestral spirits, and the people in his life.  

Jeremy Nuckolls
Content Writer

Jeremy Nuckolls (he/him) is a sophomore at Free State High School and works as our content writer. He likes to experiment with many different mediums, focusing mainly on painting. He is also a singer and musician. Jeremy plans on going into a profession involving music, and he would like to continue being creative in all … Continued

Wesley Schmoe
Web/Graphic Design

Wesley Schmoe (he/him) is a senior at Lawrence High School and updates HANG12’s social media accounts. He is a mixed media artist who works mainly in pens, acrylic, beads, and any little bits and pieces he can get his hands on. Most work being experimental in nature he would like to move more towards a … Continued

Liam Sheeley

Liam Sheeley (he/his) is a senior at LHS. He has been in Hang12 for 3 years now and works as Hang12’s webmaster. His main interests include photography (both digital, and analog), as well as theatre, and vocal performance. In the future, he hopes to attend college for art as well as perform in many different … Continued

Elliot Smith
Social Media

Elliot Smith (she/her) is a senior at Free State High School and works as the Social Media Manager for Hang12. Artistically, she dabbles in photography, poetry, digital art, and music production. Her work typically centers around exploration of self and social advocacy. Next year, she will attend Duke University to study Psychology, fine art photography, … Continued