Milo Bitters
Display and Installation

Milo Bitters (He/Him) is a sophomore at Lawrence High School and does display and installation for Hang12. He enjoys sleeping, and when he wakes up he incorporates the dreams he’s had into his photography and drawing. Some of his other hobbies include maintaining houseplants and destroying his opponents in badminton. He is hoping to pursue … Continued

Violet Bredemus
Web & Graphic Design

Violet Bredemus (She/They) is a senior at Free State High School and is a Web & Graphic Designer for Hang12. She mainly works with digital art as well as night landscape photography. Her skills also include sticker making for her self-made business Funky Cat Media. If you attend FSHS you may have also seen her … Continued

Tessa Collar
Show Coordinator

Tessa Collar (she/her) is a sophomore at Lawrence High School and is a show coordinator for Hang12. She enjoys photography and playing piano and is interested in architecture and design. Tessa is inspired by the patterns of nature, the people around her and everyday experiences. In her free time, she likes second-hand shopping, listening to … Continued

Akosua Danso

Akosua Danso (she/her) is a sophomore at Free State High School and is a webmaster for Hang12. Her interests are in art that consists of acrylics, oil paints, gouache, and watercolors to art consisting of smooth free-flowing colors. Akosua’s works represent her current inspirations, ideas, or interests. In her downtime, Akosua’s activities consist of listening … Continued

Cole Huang
Graphic Design

Cole Huang (he/him) is a junior at Free State Highschool and works as our head graphic designer. Cole’s work is mostly digital however he loves to doodle all over his school work. Cole loves to listen to music and hang out with his friends, he’s interested in doing something creative, however, in all honesty, he … Continued

Annabelle Hurst
Display and Installation

Annabelle Hurst (she/her) is a sophomore at Free State High School and does Display and Installation for hang12. Annabelle mostly expresses herself through illustration, but loves to experiment with different art forms, like filmmaking. She spends most of her time listening to music, reading, and hanging out with her friends. In the future Annabelle may … Continued

Nina Jaramillo
Art Coordinator

Nina Jaramillo (she/her) is a Junior at Free State High School and works as an Art Coordinator for Hang12. She focuses mostly with traditional art, including sketches and watercolors. She is very involved in music and is in multiple bands, in and out of highschool. Nina is currently interested in modern politics and how to … Continued

Jeremy Nuckolls
Content Writer

Jeremy Nuckolls (he/him) is a sophomore at Free State High School and works as our content writer. He likes to experiment with many different mediums, focusing mainly on painting. He is also a singer and musician. Jeremy plans on going into a profession involving music, and he would like to continue being creative in all … Continued

Olivia Toevs
Show Coordinator

Olivia Toevs (she/her) is a senior at Free State and works as one of the show coordinators for Hang12. Her art features mostly traditional media such as pencil or paints but loves to make art playful and interactive with 3D elements (like yarn, knick knacks, or glitter). Most of her work is inspired by the … Continued

Giovanni Ventello
Social Media Manager

Giovanni Ventello (He/Him) is a senior at Lawrence High School and is on the Hang12 social media team. Although Gio primarily makes music as an art medium he is excited to explore different mediums with Hang12 and branch out into a new community of artists. Gio spends most of his time creating music in some … Continued